Welcome to the Internet Site for Banatski Karlovac!This is where you can become acquainted with the history of Banatski Karlovac, from it's founding in 1802 until today. There are lots of photographs of old Karlsdorf from the turn of the 20th century, and photographs from the present. We’ll keep you updated with new pictures. This Internet Site is dedicated to all the residents of Banatski Karlovac, those who live in the town and those scattered throughout the world.

     We wish you a pleasant visit to Banatski Karlovac!
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Ovaj sajt i domen su iskljucivo privatno vlasnistvo i nemaju nikakve veze sa zvanicnim prezentacijama

This is the first Site about Banatski Karlovac! It was launched on December 10th, 2000.

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