​45° 03'03.39"N
21° 01'01.10"E



The town of Banatski Karlovac is situated in the central part of the Southern Banat, on the edge of Deliblatska Pescara, 60 km north-east of Belgrade. Two main transportation routes pass through the town: the Belgrade-Vrsac highway, which continues on to the Romanian Border, and the railway, which also goes in the same direction.
The Banatski Karlovac area encompasses one part of Deliblatska Pescara and Devojacki Bunar (Vekerle) -which translated means Girl's Well, a well-known picnic area.
The southern part of Banatski Karlovac has an elevation of 110 m above sea level with 94 m above sea level in the northern part of the city.

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